Rose Host Home Case Study

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I have been working with the DD Program for over three years now. I have gotten the opportunity of working with a very special young lady. Carin has been with the Rose Host Home since September of 2009.


Carin came to us from Laurelwood Mental Institution. She came with a lot of issues such as aggressive and inappropriate behaviors. Throughout the two and half years that she has been with us, we have gone through many challenges with Carin. In the beginning, she would have outburst just by hearing the word no. If she couldn’t get her way, she would have crying spells, slap her face and bang her head until she got what she wanted, which was mainly junk food and sweets. She would also demonstrate this behavior in school and out in the community. We have learned how to divert her by not using the word no, but to offer her other options such as healthy choices, which includes fruits and healthier snacks. I have also learned that Carin responds better by a touch such as a pat on the shoulder or a hug, and by telling her that we love her. She will then take deep breaths and calm down. She has made great improvement in the first year with us. She has learned to respect other people’s property and not break things when she gets upset.Carin is now spending more hours at school and is participating in physical activities such as PE. She has gone from 3 hours to a full day in school. She has also received several academic awards and perfect attendance. Carin can now manage money and prepare a simple meal such as a sandwich. As I have worked with Carin over these two years, she has developed a trust in me and has demonstrated appreciation for us caring for her. She constantly tells me how much she loves me and sometimes calls me mom. There is room for improvement and I will continue to provide positive reinforcement and encouragement so that she can have a better outlook on her life.Submitted by Wendy Rose, DD Host Home Provider