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Residential Care Homes

Family Model Homes

DD Host Homes

Through Altrus and its partner companies, we have approximately 300 homes including family and group model throughout the state of Georgia.  We are dedicated to ensuring that adults with disabilities are able to live a normal and full life in the least restrictive living environment of their choice. Several residential models are available. Our residential care homes offer placement in licensed personal care homes owned and operated by Altrus from 11 to 24 beds. The family model program offers placement in licensed personal care homes with 6 beds or less in a very residential model. The host home program offers placement for individuals with developmental disabilities in an owner-occupied host home where one-on-one care is provided. Furthermore, we provide consulting services for personal care homes and community based nursing assessments by contract.

In 2009 Altrus was approved by Georgia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) to provide Community Living Alternative (CLA) Services. In this model, individuals with developmental disabilities are able to live and share life experiences with supportive people who form a caring family and household. This option provides a highly desired alternative to hospital or residential group placement and is based on the importance of enduring and permanent relationships as the foundation for learning life skills, developing self esteem, and learning to exist interdependently with others.